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Digital Marketing Trends Your-To-Do List For 2021

With the current year passing and having seen numerous ups and downs owing to the pandemic, it seems difficult to really predict the future. However, as it happens in the online world, digital marketing saw many trends surfacing and being implemented. While one might think about what more innovations could be brought, here are a few of what to expect in the upcoming year so that you can gear up for an optimistic start and prepare your digital marketing strategy accordingly.


Voice Search Optimization:

While applying the best keywords to get your website at the top in google search has been emphasized so far, the world is so fast-paced, and with newer innovations every day, voice search helps to get what your consumer wants even while multi-tasking. Optimizing voice search options and using best tools so that it’s simplified for everyone while also keeping in mind that keyword search and voice search do not interconnect with each other. Where keyword searches can be more precise ranging from ‘best coffee in town’, people who opt for voice search use a conversation style. The invention of Alexa and Google Assistant has really toughened up the market, so, using something like Google My Profile can give a boost to your services.

Promotional Videos for Boosting Your Sales:

No one wants to read really long, boring content written symmetrically. What your site needs are informative videos for the arriving customer so that they can go through what your services include. With many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram giving access to businesses to use their platform for video promotions, it is the need of the hour to add in promotional videos to your website.

Ad Blockers – A Real Hindrance:

If you’re an advertising company and want your ads to be clicked by potential customers, increasing ad blockers introduced every other day would be a real hindrance. As ads tend to limit the web pages your consumer is trying to access, the number of people installing ad blockers is increasing. To avoid backing out customers, you need to upgrade your marketing strategy and think of other ways, like email promotions or social media campaigns.

Imagine a potential customer clicking on your website and anxiously reading up your services for the tasks that need to be done immediately, and suddenly an irrelevant ad pops right on top of the content they’re reading – jerking their heads up in frustration, they wouldn’t wait for a second than to jump on to the next website making you lose your sale, or else installing an ad blocker (if you’re lucky!). What you need to do is beware of what your audience wants and giving it to them with a click.

Using Chatbots – Replacing Humans:

Gone were the days when people dialed up extensions and waited to be connected by customer service for their questions. Different chatting applications launched amongst them WhatsApp and Facebook, and recently the fusion of Instagram and Facebook messenger helps connect users with everyone on the go. Adding chatbots to your sites is the first step to prioritizing your customers’ needs 24/7.

With the current pandemic, where it has affected individuals in maintaining their jobs, the businesses have suffered likewise. Using chatbots to ensure that your customer can ask any query at any given time, since there is no availability issue with chatbots, as opposed to humans. If you haven’t used chatbots so far, 2021 is the time to give them a go-to to improve your visual brand identity. Adding chatbots enables your audience to contact you anywhere, be it any social media platform too.

Artificial Intelligence Is the Future Face:

We’re seeing new trends every day, so moving along with the fast-paced digital world is the key. Creating your unique brand identity is imperative and for that, the latest trend has been implying artificial intelligence in marketing practices. What artificial intelligence really implies is analyzing user behaviors and preferences through numerous platforms and especially their keyword searches to understand their needs and offer the best services. How you as a service provider can incorporate artificial intelligence to make your customers reach you is by using AI tools. For example, depending upon whether you’re a small or large business, using advertising AI tools or SEO would be beneficial.


Optimizing Keyword Search:

There can’t be enough emphasis on SEO optimization. The amount of time a user spends on your website goes in your favor when it comes to being listed on the Google top page. When a user ‘backs’ out of your site without clicking on anything else, google immediately jots down your ranking and which in turn moves you further down the page. Understanding what the user wants by searching through the search bar on which keywords are being used is definitely a help. So, researching and updating the website from time to time should be included in your digital marketing strategy.

Connect to Your Audience:

It is so rightly said, ‘’Customer is King.’’ To cater to your customer needs and create a better online interactive connection with them, social media platforms are the deal, and free to use too! If so far, you have been lagging in really listening to what your customer needs, then 2021 allows you to upscale your unique visual brand identity. With Facebook and Instagram introducing the ‘story’ feature to their platforms, you can use this feature to inform and educate your potential customers about the innovations and services your business provides.

Final Note:

Your unique brand visual identity is in your hands and how best you use these top marketing trends to upgrade your digital marketing services. Although the future is indeed unpredictable, your digital marketing business doesn’t have to be.


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  • UNLIMITED Logo Design Concepts
  • By 3 Designers
  • UNLIMITED Revisions
  • FREE Stationary Design Set

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