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8 Ways to Optimize Websites Through SEO (2019)

Owning a website can be challenging for a brand to get the factors optimized for coming years. Sustaining a prediction can be vulnerable, therefore in modest opinion, proper strategies need to be implemented.

If SEO of the website is focused through fits and odds, then there is going to be a strong relationship between the search engine and consumers. Through such a strategy, your site will be under observation for better traffic.

With various useful SEO practices, it is possible for a website to be amongst the top searches and also be effective for the users.

Will SEO practices change in 2019?


Change is expected in times, even in the past and so will in the future. When we talk about SEO aspects, we need to make sure that our practices are evolving from time to time.

As per the recent study, there is search shift which has been observed from Google to Amazon as 55% of the users are deliberately using Amazon, not Google. This is a huge change that has been observed recently.

Moreover, a change will also occur in Artificial Intelligence as AI will detect the quality content and material from the website to have the same optimized. SERP will be personalized with a substantial change in SEO.

Competitor Analysis:


When we talk about SEO, competitor analysis is something that has its importance. It is one of the most crucial aspects that helps you shape up your SEO strategy. Apart from this, you also get to know the gaps and flaws within your competitor’s approach towards SEO, which eventually gives you an opportunity to come up with a better and much improved plan.

Keyword Research:


The most popular task handled by the SEO is to invest the right time and identify the correct and affiliated keywords in the content. The base of the website depends on the perfect keyword collection and to re-evaluate them before moving towards the development phase.

User Experience:


The most concentrated factor for optimization is the user experience. It requires emphasis to fix the ranking factor. The question is how can a consumer be satisfied? It is only done through personalization.

While visiting the website, the user should explore through simple and navigable manner. Ranking of the site is essential and is involved in making the user experience focused and personalized.

Creating better user-experience is involved with engaging content and attractiveness to display the improved content of the website. Perfect layout, web designs and attractive content is always necessary.



If the web page is not mobile friendly, then it might affect the ranking of the website. The website needs to have an easy access on multiple devices as it will generate more traffic.

Mobile-first indexing is for both smartphone and desktop. Responsive factors for best user-experience holds an importance. Page speed and its accessible layout display a good reputation for viewers and easy search results amongst its competitors.



Google rankings are now displaying featured snippets through focused keywords. If the site is spotted at the top search results, then more clicks and visitors are expected.

Rich Snippet:

The use of rich snippet has usually benefited the search engine and website operators. With the affiliation of rich snippet, the search engines can display the relevant results of the acquired information. Content that are supported by rich snippet are:

  • RDFa
  • Microdata
  • Microformats

Rich snippets are also used for business analysis, product reviews, information about social media platform, visual content music etc.

Featured Snippet:

Google rankings are now displaying featured snippets through the focused keyword. If the site is spotted at the top search results, then more clicks and visitors are expected.

There are few tips and suggestions to fix the aspect of featured snippets i: e:

  • Segregated content with bullets and sub headings. This is another way to create informative material.
  • To prepare the informative and attractive website content. Home page of the site counts for its ranking purpose.
  • Answer the queries in short and crisp manner that may bring the creativity with massive informative substance.


Content Marketing:


The success of the website is based on the quality of its content as it contributes in the ranking through focused keywords integration. Content structure depends on its quality as both the elements go parallel.

Another introduced feature is that Google has started to concentrate on the website content if it is worth for optimization. The content can lift your website amongst the searches. For the content writers, it is now a liability to prepare quality and authentic material for research purpose.

Strategic Link Building:


What could be essential than to make the position of the website better? Quite frankly, deploying the link building plan can detect spam links. Apart from other plans, there are some top listed strategies of link building that are essential in the year 2019 i: e:

  • Guest posts
  • Entitlement of unlinked mentions
  • Withdrawal of unnecessary backlink
  • Applying resource pages
  • Broken link building

Currently, Google is evaluating and detecting the spam links, this change is valuable where websites are in dire need for a positive ROI.

Voice Search:


Another prominent feature is voice search, which will create its hype in coming years. The feature is technology based and is accessible in terms of improving and boosting the search engine optimization level.

This technology is definitely a valuable addition for the searchers  to get prompt solutions. The factor of SEO is expected to be improved with the help of voice search feature.




If you want your website to skyrocket your business online, then follow the aforementioned tips. Make sure to produce quality content as it plays an integral role in boosting your SEO performance and ranking you on top of the search engine.



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