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5 Fail-Safe Revenue-Generating SEO Tips & Tricks For Your Business

Do you want to learn the secrets to engage a wider audience to your website? And make sure they linger long enough to increase your revenue? In that case, this blog is for you.

Gear up to read these fail-safe ways and get ready to apply them to your benefit!

  1. Target Your Audience
  2. Know How Keyword Search Works
  3. Learn To Differentiate Between On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO
  4. Use Long-Tail Keywords
  5. Amplify Content Quality

1. Target Your Audience

You might think it’s easy. Everyone knows their target audience once they start a business, right? Not really. Given the multitude of business ventures, a wide variety of random “googlers’’ can visit your website. So, it comes down to one thing:

Know who you’re selling your products to and align your webpage accordingly.


That doesn’t mean you have to put up a ‘’stop right now’’ sign at the top of your site, but it goes without saying: The person who visits your page decides in a micro-second whether he wants to stay or skittle.

A great first impression of your website, with a target-centered approach, works wonders. Whether to rank up on the search engine page or increase meaningful traffic to your site, this is the first step to unleash the wonders of doing successful business.

2. Know How Keyword Search Works

Now that you’ve finally figured out your audience, it is the need of the hour to know what’s taken everyone by the storm: SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process used to increase your search engine visibility by improving your site content. How does this happen?

Well, it’s not rocket science but definitely requires a certain attention to detail. For a live example, open your search engine, and type in ‘’how to’’ – you’ll see a variety of things people have searched. What does this imply? Simply put – refine your website content to match what your target audience most likely searches for. A few keyword tools that you can use:

All these come with paid packages. So, if you’re a business newbie, there are several free tools for you:

Granted, these are good to start. But if you’re serious about your business and to increase your outreach once established, you’ll more likely need the paid SEO tools to get in the groove.

3. Learn To Differentiate Between On-Page & Off-Page SEO

SEO is to increase business revenue like oxygen is to survive. While we’ve generalized SEO on the whole, it doesn’t come without its subtypes.

On-Page SEO

Everything you manage on your website comes under On-Page SEO. It actually gives you an edge in business. How? You can control and update your website’s:

  • Keywords
  • Title tags
  • Accessibility
  • Page speed

All these are key factors that determine your site’s ranking in search engines.



  • Do your research on what is more likely searched in your niche.
  • Aim to captivate your audience with the right keyword.
And the main factor: Don’t overstuff.  

While it may sound appealing to lure your customers to your sites with excessive keyword usage, it has a major downside. It immediately:

  • Decreases your ranking in the Google SERPs chart.
  • Causes Google to blacklist you as a spammer.

Title Tags

Imagine you want the latest smartphone and land on a page which sells smartphones with a front tagline: Defy Your Limits. Do you think you will consider buying from a page with a confusing title like that? Me neither.

Title tags are the first impression to make your audience feel at home with your site. As we’ve discussed above the role of keywords and how they help customers reach your page, incorporate keywords first hand in your title.

An attractive and compelling title tag does half of your business.



We’ve gone past the era when users sat hours in front of desktops to access sites. With newer smartphones launching every day, it’s vital to make your site accessible to even someone using a basic smartphone.


Page Speed

According to a survey,
  • 53% of the users abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 1 out of 2 people expects a site to load within 2 seconds.
Now, that really toughens up the scale. Various speed tools like:
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom Speed Test

Are useful not only to check your website’s speed but avail helpful tips for speed optimization.


Off-Page SEO

Everything you do outside your website’s scope to increase your rankings in the SERPs is Off-Page SEO.

A list of what Off-Page SEO includes:
  • Backlinks
  • Guest Blogs
  • Social Media Presence


Backlinks serve multiple purposes. Your site popularity, reliability, trustworthiness leading ultimately to optimized search results.

Besides, linking other websites indirectly:

  • Promotes your webpage.
  • Increases the amount of time a user spends on your website.

Guest Blogs

You’ll be amazed by the number of people willing to write for your website while you return the favor. Just ask and see the magic of off-page SEO link building unfold. Confused? Consider this:

When you write for a blog, you mention several contents related to the product or topic you’re writing for (as you can observe in this blog). In doing so, mention or link your own brand name that builds curiosity in the reader and compels him to check out what you are talking about.

A word of caution: Guest blogging does not mean you can advertise your digital marketing brand on a DIY selling site! Keep it relevant and on-topic.


Social Media Presence

It’s imperative to have an active social presence to promote your business in the spotlight. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are powerful mediums to create a heavy impact on your brand awareness.

4. Use Long-Tail Keywords

You may think it’s easier to target your audience with common keywords that they’re most likely to search for. Wrong! Focus on using specific keywords that are longer in length and slower to generate traffic to your site. Long-tail words work gradually and serve less traffic but with an increased conversion rate. How does this happen?

Consider this scenario: you want to buy the latest smartphone but with a specific price range. While your search for ‘latest smartphones’ brings out a ton of results, the long-tail keyword search of ‘latest smartphones ranging between $500-$1000’ will show up with even fewer sites. And it goes on with added keywords to your search.

In summary:
  • Know the market trends of your business with careful research.
  • Apply long-tail keywords to your content.
This more likely attracts serious buyers. Ultimate goal achieved – increased revenue.  

5. Amplify Content Quality

Did the thought come into your mind: ‘This is all about SEO.’? To tell the truth, it is all interlinked.

Now you know how important it is to make your potential buyer linger on your website with captivating keyword-incorporated title tags. The next thing which comes into account is the content you decide to display on your website. While an average user scans through most of the content after skimming through the headlines, your target audience will at least read a part of what’s written to analyze what they can gain from your services.


In a Nutshell

It takes genuine efforts to increase your conversion rates. Applying these SEO practices, however, gives you a chance to take an active lead.

So, are you ready to take control of how you drive your sales upwards? Start optimizing!


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