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It was just another ordinary day when I thought about starting up my own blog and then wanted to have a website to support my small business. But then, I got stuck in the SEO affairs where my technical part of mind told me that I couldn’t do it alone. While I was doing thorough research about how to rank my online presence on the search engine so that I can reach out to be the maximum number of audiences, I jumped over the conclusion that SEO may not be that simple but yet not too complicated, as you have got to follow the best practices to improve your brand’s visibility.

Search engine optimization is all about amplifying your brand’s online identity by connecting it to the respective audiences. SEO not only enhances the discoverability of your brand but if done perfectly, it also helps you generate leads.

And to make this possible, there are hundreds of thousands of digital agencies in the USA, providing SEO services to take your website’s visibility to the next level. However, it is you who also have to understand the basic technicalities of SEO and how it works so that you can communicate your thoughts to the SEO professional more easily and conveniently.

Guess what? It is what this whole blog is all about. So, keep on reading if you mean some serious SEO.


Choose Your Genre:

Before you dive into the ocean of SEO, make sure to think about what you want to work on. There are a lot of areas where SEO can serve you, but you should be clear-headed about the results you want to drive ultimately.

Selecting Keywords:

The first and most vital step in SEO is to do the keyword research. This particular phase requires serious attention because the ultimate success in SEO significantly relies on it. You have got to figure out the keywords your target audience prefers to use while looking for the solutions. So, keep your prospects in mind and come up with the list of keywords that are good enough to make an impact.

Permalink Composition with Targeted Keywords:

The most common mistake, which can be found in the majority of websites is that they use a wrong structure of permalink. This mistake looks neglectable with the common eye, but from the technical perspective, it makes a huge difference. The reason behind using a proper and precise permalink is the fact that you usually have so many pages on your site, talking about almost similar types of topic. At this point, a permalink containing the targeted keyword can distinguish one page from other and help Google identify it more easily.

Easy Navigation:

Easy website navigation helps your visitors find the solution in the easiest way possible. For the sake of SEO, a lot of brands neglect the importance of having a smooth and properly defined site navigation. But practically, this approach impacts very negatively and eventually lessens your score to get ranked. Therefore, workout a simplified navigation format for your site so that your visitors don’t get distracted.

Use of Web Analytics:

Do you want to keep track of your site performance and the number of hits it receives? If so, then plenty of options are available for web analytics where you can check how your visitors are reacting and how each page is responding to them. After all, it is very crucial to do a continuous analysis of your site so that you can bring improvement wherever necessary.

Great Content, Great Website:

A well-thought-out and executed content speaks for itself. It not only nurtures your prospects but also helps search engines identify your web pages. No matter how compelling your web design is, if it doesn’t portray a reader-focused content, people will not take notice. Therefore, you should go for a perfect blend of design and content so that the end product looks killer and convincingly asks your customers to react.

Internal Links:

Make internal linking simple for smooth navigation, as it is one of the pivotal signs for excelling in SEO. Believe it or not, but this practice works as a bridge that fills the gap and assists Google to understand the relevancy of your web page. At times we are so much curious to do internal linking that we actually forget to use the right keywords, which eventually influence the results so badly. It is due to the reason make sure to maintain solid relevancy for stupendous outcomes.

Calculate the Page Loading Time:

The more effectively your website works, the more time your visitors spend. To make sure that it happens, minimize unnecessary plugins, such as flash graphics, music, animation, and extra-large images etc.


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  • UNLIMITED Logo Design Concepts
  • By 3 Designers
  • UNLIMITED Revisions
  • FREE Stationary Design Set

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