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“What technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done”

Tim O’Reilly

Apparently the year 2017 went well with the creative trends and usage of artificial intelligence. With the passage of time there were different softwares and technology shifted on massive focused things where the human experience catered and managed to design similar. Moreover, with the emerging web designing companies in USA are building up a trend to influence the market and attract audience with digital marketing which is also a good thing to endure with. Some of the technology became hazardous and some embraced the win-win strategy.

There are several technology trends that were successful in 2017 and will rock 2018 going forward.

IOT- The Internet of Things


The most found-able and well consumed part of the technology, where every industry and home and businesses are relying on. Everything is depending on smart technology, either your ID cards or any other data that needs to be kept is been done via internet struggle. Ofcourse, the technology will be carried with flying colors in 2018 with advance strategies.


Smart Applications


Technology has become effectively advanced and is handling the century with the help of smart apps. Every brand is more concerned about their easy access and smooth transaction through smart phones with the help of trending apps that could be downloaded on every smart phone and other gadgets. Seemingly this trend will be more persuaded by the masses in 2018.


Growing Artificial Intelligence

Always taking the spot light when we talk about the latest trend of outrageous businesses happening. The process of Data mining from old trends to jump over the new ones and convert the market behavior entirely is one of the suggestions that must be carried forward in 2018. This is what you call an evolution of the businesses and the way your brand gets down with the audience.


Market Influence


The strategy of influencer marketing has gotten much immense back in 2017. The 3 most valuable components that affected the market are:

  • Strategy
  • Collaboration
  • Content

However, content is much beyond the above 2 pointers that has contributed in influencer marketing. First of you build the plan for your marketing and then connect the influencers to advertise the product on mutual value and lastly roll out some quotes when it comes to content initiatives.


Marketing via Word-of-Mouth

One of the most effective tool that helped shaping up 2017 marketing point of views will keep on growing in 2018 aswell. The cascading of the advertisement of the brand takes course and is important for any campaign to take control like influencer marketing. Both of them are interconnected and are much expected in 2018.


Emergence of the Chat Bots


The experiment of human-like responders over the websites has been the successful engagement of all time. With the rise of these chatbots the customer experience has been improved a lot where audience are mutually connected with the brand. So, this better stay in 2018 as the client care system has increased from past years. Even these bots are on streets now as in at work place, hotels, banks etc. to manifest the need of human’s burden. This situation reminds me of a movie I-Robot where the bots took over human’s position.


Smart Locks

It doesn’t matter if you are at home or not your parcel will be delivered with the help of this amazing technology where companies can get the access to your home. Well this technology is quit uncomfortable; however Amazon has already disapproved this smart lock technology.


Cloud Technology


If you look deeply into the cloud technology it basically serves with new capabilities to keep immense data at times unsafe. It is a mindset that people have adopted. There are 5 basic values that make the cloud is:

  • Software
  • Space
  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Price

Cloud computing has the tendency to influence your technical mindset. In 2018 this technology will master the entire source of web power.


Improved Photos

Every Smartphone has now introduced their upgraded camera quality; however Google itself has decided to make your pictures much better with improved pixels where the lens will detect the quality of your background and would be able to focus minute details too. According to the news Google has introduced Pixel 2 Smartphone with the latest app as well.


The Block chain

The heart of cryptocurrency requires no middleman for the validation of your transaction. It basically does not reply on human verification. So this cryptocurrency can work without human involvement and perform efficiently. There is a prediction for 2018 that cryptocurrency might fall but the block chain will survive the storm. Cryptocurrency has basically helped block chain democratization; therefore it is also one of the core reason for some real technology development, more job opportunities and much more to notice.


The Democratization of Block chain

Now this is something we all wanted to talk about and the industries has shown real interest in blockchain, with the help of this technology many business setups has taken place and is working as an air of fresh breath to the market. Now a days teenagers and kids are going insane about bitcoins where they are buying coffees and other beverages, so far everyone is investing on this cryptocurrency and the technology behind it.


Rise of the Technology via Blockchain

With the latest prediction, 2018 can be a prosperous year for the technology aspects as blockchian can give birth to awesome applications. With the mature foundation of these apps there can be a lot of advancements in the stability from consumer point of view. In coming months there will be a lot of progression in creative and innovative blockchain technologies. Even on government level these development can contribute in building up the country’s economy better. Also the areas where payment reporting, identity cards and other digital developments will be served under the blockchain technology. With the rise of blockchain there will be more opportunities for individuals, so more technology more jobs.


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  • UNLIMITED Logo Design Concepts
  • By 3 Designers
  • UNLIMITED Revisions
  • FREE Stationary Design Set

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